MARSET Bohemia

MARSET Bohemia

Graphic designer and creative director Javier Suárez reinterprets the Bohemia lamp as a large-scale design. His perspective plays with as few elements as possible to represent scenes in a way which almost feel real.

     Through the care of composition and light, he illustrates the Bohemia in a space full of organic shapes and different volumes.


“It is a lamp with an imposing shape, with a lot of presence and its own personality. It was clear to me that I wanted it to be the center and the protagonist of the illustration.”

Javier Suárez


In the dining room, the Bohemia lamp not only illuminates the table, but also organizes the space and the circulation. An emblematic design that marks its presence by its shapes and color, seeming to have always been a part of the place.

This project has been renovated prioritizing an absolute respect for the place that it was —an old farmhouse converted into a village casino— revaluing the spaces and their original elements.