Cambo, a new point of view of nature by cenlitrosmetrocadrado.

Cambo is the new design resulting from the collaboration with the cenlitrosmetrocadrado studio. The word Cambo (of Galician origin) refers to a piece of wood with a hook at one end, a handcrafted element present in the Galician tradition.

With nature and our environment as inspiration, cenlitrosmetrocadrado has designed the Cambo system based on the natural growth of plants, the branching and bifurcation of trees.


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This new lamp establishes a before and after in the trajectory of our brand where, for the first time, the mesh is combined with another material: beech wood.

Cambo comes in the form of four pendant lamps with integrated LEDs. The stainless steel mesh surrounds the beech wood and is available in two standard colours: black and white. The use of our flagship material allows the lampshade colour to be customised and adapted to each project.